The photographic series, entitled; ‘Bharatanatyam’, features the esteemed Mr. Darshan Purohit, Associate Professor of the Department of Dramatics from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India, a male Bharatanatyam dancer. What is unique is that this particular art form is almost completely dominated by female dancers. This is perhaps due part to the continued existence of centuries-old patriarchal prejudices against males choosing the discipline of dance as a career path, both in India and in other societies internationally.
As such sponsorships and patronages, more often than not, are awarded to female dancers over male dancers. Male dancers, particularly unmarried male dancers, in turn face considerable prejudices from society in which the career of dance for males is construed as somehow emasculating. This trend points towards entrenched prejudices, which are in turn deeply linked to homophobia and outdated perceptions of socially acceptable norms regarding masculinity and femininity.
Models: Darshan Purohit and Aarti Narotam 
Services: Photograph, Graphic Design
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