Escher in Het Paleis


Escher in Het Paleis

We are excited that Escher in Het Paleis announced their official reopening with one of our photographs!

Thank you Judith Kadee, Curator at Escher in Het Paleis, for selecting the photograph.

Erasmus Kasteel


Erasmus Kasteel

A architectural photography project featuring the Erasmus Kasteel in Erasmuskloof, Pretoria. The Victorian Art Nouveau mansion is a historic landmark owned by Armscor and undergoing extensive renovation work.

The aim of the project, as seen in the ‘before and after’ feature, was to present the renovation work digitally first in order to maintain adherence to regulations relating to architecture that is historically significant.

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Portrait Photography


Portrait Photography

A studio photography project showcasing ‘Butterfly Lighting’ and exploring the concept of ‘beauty’ in male portraiture.

Butterfly lighting is commonly used in beauty shots and high-end portraits requiring soft, flattering light like glamour or fashion shoots.

This is a soft key light directed right at the model’s face from an angle above. The light allows model’s skin to be idealized as much as possible. This lighting setup is often used in Fine Art Portrait Photography.

Model: Keagan James Hundleby
Assistant: Shannon Clair Offer

Watch Advert


Watch Advert

A studio photography project using ‘Side Lighting’ for a commercial sports advert mock-up. The Apple Watch was photographed using a light tent on a Perspex infinity curve.

Side lighting creates the strongest sense that a subject has three dimensions. It involves a setup where light falls on a subject at roughly ninety degrees to the camera and is ideal in terms of helping to convey a subject’s shape and form.

Model: Henco Vorstman
Assistant: Shannon Clair Offer

Fruits of Democracy


Fruit of Democracy Award for Excellence in Media

This was awarded to our Creative Director, Reino Erasmus, in recognition of his contributions to the field of media in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The Fruits of Democracy Awards aim to recognise young leaders in the fields of; Media, Business, Arts and Culture, Education and Community work – who are pushing the limits to help create a better Nelson Mandela Bay. This award is partnered with InkuluFreeHeid, the Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA), the Centre for the Advancement of Non-Racialism and Democracy (CANRAD), the Red Location Art Gallery, Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism, the Athenaeum and Bay TV.

Jennifer Ord


A visual ode to Ord

A photo pictorial and video interview of renowned and respected artist Jennifer Ord.

She has used visual art as a means of metaphorically and sometimes symbolically expressing ideas regarding what appears to constitute our uni- or perhaps more correctly, multi-verse.

Ord has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally in over eighty group and solo shows; and has been a finalist in competitions such as the Cape Town Triennial and Sasol Wax in Art Competition where, in 2003, she was a merit award winner. From these exhibitions, her work has found its way into private, corporate and public collections. She has also collaborated with the Nigerian-based Pan African Circle of Artists in their promotion of African art by Africans. Her output includes articles in the South African Journal of Art History and a number of catalogues, and a chapter in a book.

Ampersand was responsible for all photography and videography.

Our thanks, always, Jennifer for the stories and deep wisdom.

The Far East


The Far East

Travel photography and short videos, mostly focusing on architecture, done during trips to Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2015 and 2019.

Locations include: The Monster Building, Victoria Harbour, Chi Lin Nunnery, Lantau Island and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial.

Yik Cheong Building (Monster Building), Hong Kong
View of Victoria Harbour from inside the Hong Hong Museum of Art
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, Taiwan

Fluid Exhibition



Two photography works by our Creative Director, Reino Erasmus, were selected to be part of the ‘Fluid’ group exhibition presented by the Nelson Mandela University’s Department of Arts, Heritage and Culture.

The exhibition aims to raise awareness about the issues of gender and gender fluidity.

Full projects can be viewed at the links below:


The series, entitled; ‘Bharatanatyam’, features a male Bharatanatyam dancer, an art form which is almost completely dominated my female dancers. This is perhaps due part to the continued existence of centuries-old patriarchal prejudices against males choosing the discipline of dance as a career path, both in India and in other societies internationally. As such, sponsorships and patronages, more often than not, are awarded to female dancers over male dancers. Male dancers, particularly unmarried male dancers, in turn face considerable prejudices from society in which the career of dance for males is construed as somehow emasculating. This trend points towards deeply held prejudices, which are deeply linked to homophobia, and outdated ideas of masculinity and femininity.


The series, entitled; ‘BeVryDing’ features the 2017 Spring/Summer fashion range of designer, Dalton Smit. His range explores the social conservatism of the Afrikaner culture in South Africa by challenging its traditional views on gender roles and sexuality. Traditional Afrikaner wear, such as; rugby shorts and khaki uniforms, have been reworked in a pastel color pallet and combined with crochet work, doilies and mohair fibers to push the boundaries of personal identity. The range hopes to promote modernity and progressiveness in contemporary Afrikaner society and ‘free’ it from its negative stereotypes. The Afrikaans word; ‘bevryding’ is defined as ‘liberation’. Additionally, each syllable has been capitalized to emphasize the following sub-text; ‘Be’ (to be), ‘Vry’ (Free) and ‘Ding’ (‘thing’ referring to a non-specific gender or sexuality).

Marketing Material Published by Nelson Mandela University

Portrait by Shannon Clair Offer to mark the occasion

Rejuvenating The Donkin


Rejuvenating The Donkin

Weekend Post Neighbourhood, December 2015.

Ampersand Studio, a multidisciplinary design studio specialising in branding solutions through effective visual communication and design, was one of the first creative businesses to take occupancy at Donkin Village in October last year.

“As a creative agency, it has always been our vision to operate from within the city centre, surrounded by culture and history. Fortunately for us, the Donkin Village development puts an end to all the negativities and misperceptions about Central and instead offers an unprecedented opportunity – specifically focused on the creative industry – which is both a privilege for us and an asset to our city.” Reino Erasmus, creative director, Ampersand Studio, says.

Asked what is special about the area, Erasmus says. “Simply, the flag.”

“Every day, South Africa’s largest flag waves over the Donkin Village development, inspiring creativity and possibilities while instilling a sense of pride and patriotism. In many ways, the Donkin Reserve is the spiritual heart of our city. We consider the view from our balcony onto the Donkin Reserve a privilege, which helps us realise that our circumstances are temporary and ever changing. This keeps us from being locked into a binding mind-set and allows us to dream big,” he says.

“As a creative, I believe that your immediate environment has a great impact on your thought processes and the work that you produce. Therefore, I can’t imagine working anywhere else but the Donkin Village, which is undergoing rejuvenation,” Erasmus says.

Eastern Cape Landscapes


Eastern Cape Landscapes

A series of photographs exploring the inherit beauty of the Eastern Cape landscape using the ‘Long Exposure’ in-camera technique.

Long Exposure Photography is a photographic technique based on using a longer shutter speed to capture, blur or obscure moving elements.

Locations include: Shark Rock Pier, Twee Riviere and Sardinia Bay.

Shark Rock Pier, Port Elizabeth
Twee Riviere, Langkloof
Sardinia Bay, Port Elizabeth