Rejuvenating The Donkin

Weekend Post Neighbourhood, December 2015.

“As a creative agency, it has always been our vision to operate from within the city centre, surrounded by culture and history. Fortunately for us, the Donkin Village development puts an end to all the negativities and misperceptions about Central and instead offers an unprecedented opportunity – specifically focused on the creative industry – which is both a privilege for us and an asset to our city.” Reino Erasmus, creative director, Ampersand Studio, says.

Asked what is special about the area, Erasmus says. “Simply, the flag.”

“Every day, South Africa’s largest flag waves over the Donkin Village development, inspiring creativity and possibilities while instilling a sense of pride and patriotism. In many ways, the Donkin Reserve is the spiritual heart of our city. We consider the view from our balcony onto the Donkin Reserve a privilege, which helps us realise that our circumstances are temporary and ever changing. This keeps us from being locked into a binding mind-set and allows us to dream big,” he says.

“As a creative, I believe that your immediate environment has a great impact on your thought processes and the work that you produce. Therefore, I can’t imagine working anywhere else but the Donkin Village, which is undergoing rejuvenation,” Erasmus says.

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