With The Soapbox publication, we placed Nelson Mandela Bay's creativity in context. We focus on closing the noticeable gap between coverage of contemporary artists; fresh creative enterprises and cutting edge business leaders, and the celebration of classic trailblazers. We aim to provide intimate commentary on the dynamic relationship between past and present to educate today's market about the origins of their favorite local brands. From our signature approach to print media to our giant steps into new media, we strive to revolutionize the way we educate ourselves about Nelson Mandela Bay.

We have published 22 issues, which were distributed at the trendiest local coffee shops, eateries and artistic hotspots in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Notable clients include; Vovo Telo Bakery and Café, Masterton’s Coffee and Tea Specialists, For the Love of Wine, Fushin Sushi and Eastern Cuisine, Hinterveld, Raak, Underculture Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery and The Cotton Mill.
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